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The Good Movies List - The Wave

Alexis Ettner

If you want to talk about films with soul, you should talk about this film

The Wave (Bølgen) is a Norwegian film that takes the American ideal of natural disaster films, and perfects it.

There has never been a film that takes the adrenaline of a natural disaster and so perfectly combines it with the drama of a family in (very believable) conflict. This is what we're missing in American cinema today; the ability to connect with the protagonists -- to the point of tears -- the believability of the scenery, the motives, and the well placed and impactful special effects. 

If we continue to have a preternatural desire to see and imagine overcoming catastrophe, I hope we do it with as much grace as Roar Uthaug. For now, make sure you watch it on Netflix

The Good Movies List

Alexis Ettner

The Good Movies List started in 2000 when my brother and I realized that our father never quite remembered which movies we'd already rented from Figueiredo's Video Movies down the street. We'd drive into town, pick out a movie, and within five minutes of starting up the DVD player we'd all realize that we'd seen it already. So my brother and I stapled together half a pad of yellow paper, I made a cover by "laminating" a front page with packing tape, and we started writing down titles. This helped us remember what we liked, what we'd seen, and what sucked. We were about fourteen.

Then the internet really happened; there were Fanlistings, I hosted a site on Geocities and it had a section for The Good Movies List. Meredith Baku will remember that. I migrated the site to a server at Smith College. Now we have Netflix on every computer and TV, and Yelp, and every other method of listing and reviewing our passions. My favorite is still

But I grew up in a world before all of that, and I typed out quotes from books in HTML. Not SCSS or SASS, and definitely not on Goodreads. None of that existed.

Today I'd like to reintroduce The Good Movies List, among other lists of thing that I love, and I hope that they find some traction. Don't worry, I'm crossposting it all. ;)